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monthly seed planting guide
(South Eastern Australia)
This monthly seed planting guide is an attempt to improve the accuracy of planting times for vegetable gardeners in in south eastern Australia.  To download the .PDF guides click on the links on the coloured links on the left hand side.

This guide grew out the annual Ballarat & District Seed Planting Guide which was put together some fifteen years ago in response to many seed planting guides placing Ballarat in the same zone as Melbourne when in fact their respective planting times are very different.  This Ballarat guide also offered more detailed information about the way vegetables should be planted, EG as seeds or seedlings and when to plant seeds in propagation boxes.

Since then, having spent many hours perusing numerous seed planting guides, I have noticed many zoning and planting time inaccuracies as well as a lack of detail as to what way vegetables should be planted in a number of these guides. This monthly seed planting guide is an attempt to come up with a guide that both covers a wider geographical area and is more accurate.


This monthly planting guide draws on a number of primary sources.
I have also drawn on a number of other seed planting guides, gardening articles as well as  feedback from numerous gardeners.

planting zones
There are three distinct planting zones.
    Covers the Ballarat District, includes the townships of Ballarat, Ballan, Meredith, Skipton, Beaufort, Clunes, Creswick and Daylesford.  
    (Note that the Ballarat & District planting zone is actually a subset of the Cool Mountainous planting zone and they are arguably interchangeable.  I have kept the Ballarat & District zone as a separate zone because it is largely based on practical experience and is therefore more accurate.)

    All of Tasmania and the cool mountainous areas on the mainland from Just West of Ararat to the North of Canberra.

    Coastal South Eastern SA, coastal Victoria and coastal NSW up to Sydney.  Warm inland Just North (Victoria) and West (NSW) of the great dividing range, including the cities of Bendigo and Albury. 
Note that these guides do not cover Queensland, Western Australia, most of New South Wales and South Australian and the North West part of Victoria.

planting zones map

help to improve this planting guide
This planting guide will be a work in progress for some time to come and as such should be used cautiously.  If you are an experienced vegetable gardener and think you can contribute to improving the accuracy of this site please feel free to CONTACT ME

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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