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the Seed Collection
Tel : (03) 8719 0440
PO BOX 139 Boronia, VIC 3155 Australia.

The Seed Collection is a no frills budget Australian seed company that offers a good range of cheap seeds.  Prices start from $1 a packet, in fact most seed packets are at that price, plus delivery is free if you spend more than $10.

photo of two packets of seed from the Seed Collection.
Front and back photos of two seed packets from The Seed Collection.  While the packaging is simple the instructions are quite informative.
They also offer a fairly good range including Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds.

Their secret to keeping costs down is that they have no shop front, they only have a website that you can order from directly, they do not supply to retailers so there is no middlemen.  As well the packaging is very simple, all the seeds come in clear plastic packets with no outer packaging.  But while the packaging is simple the instructions they come with are more informative than many more prestigious mail order seed companies.

advantages/disadvantages summary

  • Cheap seeds.
  • Free delivery if order over $10.
  • Small number of seeds in each packet suits people with small gardens who only need a few seeds of each variety.
  • Seeds are ordered online and the service is prompt.

  • Small number of seeds in each packet means you usually have to buy two packets to get the equivalent of a standard packet of seeds.
  • The plastic bags that the seeds come in sometimes get charged with static electricity making it hard to get the seeds out.

LAST UPDATED: 26th July 2015