water management
This section looks at all aspects of collecting, saving and using water in your garden.  Click the       Links       on the left for more information.   As you can see there is till not much listed in this section but I do plan to add a lot more to it in time.

Technically Water Management should come under the heading of Vegetable Patch Management but since it is such a large and vitally important part of the gardening process I have listed it under it's own heading.

Why is water management so important
In some parts of the world lack of  water is not an issue, however here in Australia not only does it present a major problem but as the population increases and the impact of global warming becomes more extensive the situation is only going to become more serious.

In response to shortages of water most parts of Australia have some sort of restrictions on the watering of gardens using mains water, so it is essential that you set up a watering system that minimises the use of mains water and maximises how effectively you use the water you have available to you.