Vegetable Varieties
Very hardy salad style vegetable that is easy to grow. Sometimes goes under the names of Roquette or Arugula .

Photo of Rocket growing in a greenhouse
Rocket growing in the greenhouse in Winter.
Elongated mid green coloured leaves with ruffled edges.   It has a mild mustard flavour, but not as strong a flavour as water cress or Black Mustard.  The flavour will very depending on when it is picked and growing conditions.  Young leaves usually have a milder flavour than mature ones.  Poor growing conditions tend to produce tougher and more bitter leaves. 

It has similar growing characteristics to lettuce but  is able to withstand hotter weather better than lettuce.   It can also withstand mild frosts.

Handles a variety of soil and pH conditions but does best in a rich well watered soil with plenty of compost.  Here in Ballarat it can be planted virtually all year round. Plant directly into the soil in rows or clumps, then thin out.  Can also be grown in pots, just as long as it gets plenty of water.  Decor self watering pots are ideal for growing Rocket.  Though it can be planted as a seedling it does not transplant that well.

culinary uses
Mainly eaten as a salad vegetable, either straight or mixed with lettuce leaves.  Some people do cook with it but I have never done so.