Vegetable Varieties
tomato - sweet bite

Photo of Sweetbite Tomatoes on the vine.
Sweet Bite tomatoes on the vine.
Sweet Bite is a cherry tomato.  Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes of around one to three centimetres in diameter that grow in cascading clusters of ten to twenty tomatoes. 

 Sweet Bite is  very sweet tasting and, like all cherry tomatoes, suitable for growing in pots. The main difference between Sweet Bite and other cherry tomatoes is it's size, being a good centimetre wider than cherry tomato varieties such as 'Tomb Thumb'. The main advantage of Sweet Bite over smaller sized cherry tomatoes is that it takes much less work to pick enough tomatoes for a meal. But while it is slightly larger it is still one of the earliest tomatoes to ripen in the season and certainly much earlier then standard size tomatoes.

In Australia Sweet Bite tomato seedlings can be found in nurseries from early Spring through to Summer, but strangely I have yet to find them sold as seeds.  However you can collect seeds from the first harvest and use them in later years.